Comptroller letterhead

June 15, 2015

Honorable Karen Spilka, Chair
Senate Committee on Ways and Means
State House – Room 212
Boston, MA  02133

Honorable Brian S. Dempsey, Chair
House Committee on Ways and Means
State House – Room 243
Boston, MA  02133

Dear Chairwoman Spilka and Chairman Dempsey:

Attached is the report required in legislation, section 12 of Chapter 19 of the Acts of 2015, An Act Relative to State Personnel (ERIP).

As required in section 4, the final day to file an application for the ERIP was Friday, June 12, 2015, and through the rules of the state board of retirement the deadline was midnight if filing electronically. 

The state retirement board provided 2,659 applicants from applications reviewed through noon today.  This data was the basis for the required report.  The report contains 20 applicant records that need further analysis to confirm compliance with the stated inclusion requirements. Please note that there are two tabs within the report. The first provides the data required by the legislation. The second tab is a summary of the data.

The effective date of retirement is June 30, 2015. Because prospective retirees may withdraw or opt-out of the ERIP until that date, we have redacted the individual titles and salaries.

Also, the state board of retirement has indicated that there are less than 50 applications in-house remaining to review and forward to my office.  There is also the possibility that additional applications sent through the U.S.P.S. would be accepted if properly postmarked.  When the final records are received and processed by the state retirement board this office will update the section 12 report.

I have also included a data sheet for reference.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything further.


Thomas G. Shack III, Esq.
Comptroller of the Commonwealth

Attachment xlsx format of Early Retirement Incentive Program--June 15, 2015 attch

Karen Spilka, Chair, Senate Committee on Ways and Means
Brian S. Dempsey, Chair, House Committee on Ways and Means
Adriana Campos, Budget Director, Senate Ways and Means Committee
Kathryn Kendall, Budget Director, House Ways and Means Committee
Kristen Lepore, Secretary, Executive Office for Administration and Finance
Martha Walsh, Assistant Secretary, Administration and Finance
Paul Dietl, Chief Human Resources Officer
Kathy Sheppard, Deputy Comptroller