Comptroller Fiscal Year Memo Letter Head

September 23, 2010

Timothy Cahill
Office of the Treasurer and Receiver General
State House, Room 227
Boston, MA  02133

RE: Stabilization Transfer and Fund Balance Analysis

Dear Treasurer Cahill:

Chapter 27 of the Acts of 2009, Section 125 authorizes the transfer of the interest earned from the Commonwealth Stabilization Fund during fiscal year 2010 to the General Fund.  We will process the sixth and final round of transfer for $12,723,122 which includes cost to market value investment gain of $12,330,413 and interest income.  The transfer will be processed in conjunction with the Treasury Department no later than September 27, 2010.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact B J Trivedi, Director of Financial Reporting, at (617) 973-2668.


Martin J. Benison

Enc. Attachment #1:   Chapter 27 of the Acts of 2009 doc format of Chapter 627
         Attachment #2:  Stailization Funds Balance Spreadsheet xls format of fy11_int_transf_attch2.xls

cc: Stephen Panagiotakos, Chairman, Senate Ways and Means Committee
     Charles A. Murphy, Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee
     Jay Gonzalez, Secretary, ANF
     Matthew J. Gorzkowicz, Undersecretary, ANF
     James MacDonald, Cash Management, TRE
     Julia Burns, Director of Accounting, CTR
     B J Trivedi, Director of Financial Reporting, CTR