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Reception: 617-727-5000
Help Desk: 617-973-2468
Comptroller Staff Directory xls format of Staff Directory
Fax General: 617-727-2163
Fax Contracts: 617-973-2500
Fax Executive Bureau: 617-973-2555



Tax Form Questions on:








1099: Comptroller 1099 Voicemail Help Line

Phone: 617-973-2629

1095-B: 1095-B Information – to GIC FAQs

Phone: GIC at 617-727-2310 ext. 1.

1095-C: Please contact your Payroll Director xls format of key_contact_lst_payroll_dir.xls

1095-C Voicemail Help Line

Phone: 617-973-2400

Vendors with Questions Involving:

Comptroller Help Desk
Monday - Friday
8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Phone:  617-973-2468

Commonwealth Employees with Questions Involving:

  • MMARS login:  Go to the Comptroller Intranet and click "MMARS/LCM" under the "Applications" heading.
  • MMARS password resets, please contact your Department Security Officer 
  • Training Registration is available with our online form.
  • MMARS Performance Issue
    • Contact your Department Security Officer if you are experiencing a security issue (i.e. Copy Forward, Submit) with a document or a specific action
    • Contact your Agency IT support if any of the following issues apply:
      1. You can log on to another PC and not experience the same issue.
      2. Internet access or other websites are slow for you and other users in the office.
      3. Other users in your office are able to work in MMARS without any issues.
    • Contact the Comptroller’s Help Desk if the above conditions do not apply. To submit a help desk ticket, click Report a MMARS Performance Issue
  • All other Comptroller issues
Comptroller Help Desk
Monday - Friday
8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Phone: 617-973-2468
Online Form: Submit a Ticket


Commonwealth Employees with Questions Involving:

Phone: 866-888-2808