Are you an attorney or self-represented litigant checking the status of your case? Are you a member of the public interested in reading a recently published court opinion? Are you beginning legal research on a topic of Massachusetts law? Or perhaps you are looking for information on the rules or guidelines governing court practice. Here you will discover the kind of case and legal information available online.

Trial Court Law Libraries

The law libraries have collected all the information you need to begin your legal research. In Laws by Source, you'll find links to laws, cases and regulations. Laws by Subject covers over 150 topics, with links to laws, cases and other web sources. And remember that there is a staff of law librarians ready and willing to answer your questions!

Rules of Court and Standing Orders

Here you will find rules of court, standing orders, rules of professional conduct, time standards, information on rule changes and invitations to comment on proposed rules.

Case Information

This area includes information on both pending cases and reported decisions. In addition, you can find court calendars, amicus announcements, and links to oral arguments.

Judicial and Clerks' Ethics Opinions

Links to judicial ethics opinions and clerks' ethics opinions are in this section.


This is a collection of guidelines issued by the courts, including Sentencing Guidelines, Mass. Guide to Evidence, Child Support Guidelines and more.