Participation in seminar and receiving a minimal fee

May 29, 1997

Opinion 97-4


This letter is in response to your inquiry of February 26, 1997 in which you requested the Committee's opinion on whether you could participate in a seminar sponsored by Professional Education Systems, Inc. for which you would receive a "minimal" fee.

You further state that this seminar would be held at a hotel, that you would take a personal or vacation day to appear at the seminar and that no court time, personnel or equipment would be used by you if allowed to participate in the seminar.

This letter confirms the advice conveyed to you by telephone by the Committee Secretary on March 10, 1997.

It is the Committee's opinion that you may participate in the seminar provided that the following is adhered to:

(A) The fee that you will be paid must not be tied to the number of participants, and

(B) The marketing and advertising of the seminar must not exploit your position as an Assistant Clerk.