We are pleased to offer you remote access to law journal articles, Federal Register, treaties, Statutes at Large and US Supreme Court Opinions from HeinOnline.

You must have a current, valid Trial Court Law Libraries Library Card and be in good standing to use this service.

HeinOnline offers you:

Nearly 1200 Journals. Comprehensive: Every page from every issue from every volume, with full-text case law linking powered by Fastcase.

  • English Reports, Full Reprint
  • Federal Register  beginning with v.1 (1936)
  • Treaty Publications
  • US Statutes at Large , 1789-date
  • US Supreme Court Opinions , 1754-date
  • All in PDF Format: All pictures, graphs, tables and footnotes where they belong.


How to use the HeinOnline iPhone/iPad app:

You need to visit one of our law libraries at least once every 30 days to authenticate.

1. In the iPhone/iPad app store, download and install HeinOnline. The app is free.

2. Go to one of the law libraries, and use your iPhone or iPad to connect to the wireless network within the library. The network will be named "lawlibrary" or lawlibrary followed by a number.

3. Once you are connected to the wireless network, open the HeinOnline app. Click on "IP Authentication." This will authenticate you via the library's IP address. You will be able to use the app for thirty days.

4. At least once every thirty days, go back to a law library and follow steps 2 and 3 again. This will keep the app working for you.