State Agency and Commission Decisions

This is a collection of Massachusetts state agency and commission decisions and bulletins available online. When available, we have included the dates of coverage. If you do not see an agency listed, it may not offer its opinions online. Please contact the agency directly for assistance.  

For General Procedural Guidance:

Manual for Conducting Administrative Adjudicatory Proceedings pdf format of 2012 Manual: Conducting Admin. Adjudicatory Proceedings
, 2012 edition.
Outlines "how administrative adjudicatory proceedings should be conducted by an administrative agency, a board of professional licensure, or a similar governmental body."

Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission

Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission Decisions , 2009-date. 

Appellate Tax Board

Tax Appeal Decisions, 2000-date.

Attorney General

Attorney General Opinions , 1832-2006.

Bid Protest Decisions , "This database covers Attorney General bid protest decisions going back to 2003, with various decisions from 1989-2002." Resolution of public building construction or public works construction bid protests.

Fair Labor and Business Practices Decisions, "Final decisions [of the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] in appeals of civil citations issued by the Attorney General to enforce fair wage, hour and employment laws."

Findings and Recommendations on Nonprofits and Charities, 2007-2011.

Open Meeting Law Determinations , August 2010-date. " The determination letters are intended to be a resource and provide helpful guidance on the requirements of the Open Meeting Law."

Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board

Decisions. "Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board decisions relating to sprinkler requirements of MGL c.148, s.26G1/2 for nightclubs, dancehalls, discotheques, bars and similar uses."

Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Cleanup Professionals

Advisory Rulings. "Pursuant to Section 5 of the Board's regulations, a Licensed Site Professional or an attorney acting on his or her behalf may at any time request an Advisory Ruling interpreting one or more of the Board's Rules of Professional Conduct at 309 CMR 4.00 pdf format of 309 CMR 4
et. seq."

Board of Registration in Medicine

Board of Registration in Medicine Decisions. "Recommended (non-final) decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] on appeals by physicians from disciplinary actions by the Board of Registration in Medicine." Arranged by subject, no dates of coverage given.

Board of Review

Board of Review Decisions . Selected decisions 2005-date. The Board decides unemployment appeals from hearings conducted by the Department of Unemployment Assistance. "The Board of Review decisions available on this website have been selected for posting because, in the Board’s opinion, they contain significant issues, create new precedent, or may provide useful guidance to parties and their representatives."

Building Code Appeals Board

Decisions of the Appeals Board. 2006-2012. "The decisions of the Building Code Appeals Board are provided solely for purposes of demonstrating the manner in which the Board has previously decided certain issues.  Given the unique nature of building, construction, and property related issues, however, these decisions are not considered binding precedent."

Civil Service Commission

Civil Service Decisions. "Decisions on appeals filed by public employees and job applicants who are entitled to certain protections under the civil service law. These cases are heard directly by the Civil Service Commission or by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals, which then submits a recommended decision to the Commission." Arranged by subject, no dates of coverage given.

Contributory Retirement Appeal Board (CRAB)

Contributory Retirement Appeal Board Decisions, 2008-2009.

Department of Early Education and Care

Early Education and Care Decisions. "Recommended decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] in appeals by child care and other licensed early education providers contesting sanctions proposed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)."

Department of Education

Legal Advisories . Topics include CORI, Student Discipline, Student Records and more.

Special Education Appeals. Includes information on the process as well as decisions and rulings from 1998 to date.

Department of Environmental Protection

Decisions , 2010-date.

Environmental Decisions, "Recommended (non-final) decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] on appeals of Department of Environmental Protection permit and enforcement actions."

Department of Industrial Accidents

Reviewing Board Decisions, 1999-date.

Division of Labor Relations-Commonwealth Employment Relations Board

DLR-CERB Recent Decisions. December 2008 - July 2009.

Department of Public Health

Public Health Decisions, "Decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] on health service and public assistance benefits provider appeals of Department of Public Health disciplinary actions."

Division of Administrative Law Appeals

Decisions. "Contains preliminary and final decisions on appeals heard by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), the Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA), and other independent and quasi-independent agencies."

Division of Banks

Decisions of the Commissioner of Banks and Board of Bank Incorporation, 1996-date.

Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Prevailing Wage Opinion Letters, 2001-date.

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

MCAD Decisions , 2010-date.

Retirement Decisions

Retirement Decisions of the Division of Administrative Law Appeals, "Decisions on appeals of state and municipal retirement board and Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission actions on public employee retirement benefits."

State Ethics Commission

State Ethics Commission Advisory Opinions and Enforcement Rulings. Available by subject or by date for 2002-2006.

Supervisor of Public Records

Public Record Appeals Status . Lists "Public Record Appeals opened within one year from today," including links to the determination letters.

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