830 CMR 14.3.1

Volunteer Personnel

830 CMR 18.18A.1

Cooperation by Applicants for and Recipients of Public Assistance with Efforts by the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue to Establish Parentage and Establish, Modify and Enforce Child Support Orders

830 CMR 40S.1.1

Smart Growth School Cost Reimbursement

830 CMR 58.2.1

Manufacturing Corporations

830 CMR 58.3.1

Qualifications of Assessors

830 CMR 62.3.1 links to PDF file

Rent Deduction

830 CMR 62.3.2 links to PDF file

Deduction for Charitable Contributions

830 CMR 62.5A.1 links to PDF file

Non-Resident Income Tax

830 CMR 62.5A.2 links to PDF file

Compensation Received by Non-Resident Professional Team Athletes

830 CMR 62.6.1 links to PDF file

Residential Energy Credit

830 CMR 62.6.3 links to PDF file

Lead Paint Removal Credit

830 CMR 62.6.4 links to PDF file

Conservation Land Tax Credit

830 CMR 62.6M.1 links to PDF file

Community Investment Tax Credit

830 CMR 62.8.2 links to PDF file

Corporate Trust Income and Distributions

830 CMR 62.10.1 links to PDF file

Income Tax on Trusts and Estates

830 CMR 62.17A.1 links to PDF file

Massachusetts Taxation of S Corporations and their Shareholders

830 CMR 62.17A.2 links to PDF file

Restatement of Massachusetts Taxation of S Corporations and their Shareholders

830 CMR 62.63.1 links to PDF file

Installment Transactions

830 CMR 62B.2.1 links to PDF file

Withholding of Taxes on Wages and Other Payments

830 CMR 62B.2.2 links to PDF file

Pass-through Entity Withholding

830 CMR 62B.2.3 links to PDF file

Motion Picture Production Company Withholding

830 CMR 62C  pdf format of 830 CMR 62C

State Tax Administration

830 CMR 62E.2.1 links to PDF file

Reporting of New Hires

830 CMR 62F.6.1 links to PDF file

Credit Allowed When Net State Tax Revenues Exceed Allowable State Tax Revenues

830 CMR 63  pdf format of 830 CMR 63
file size 1MB

Taxation of Corporations

830 CMR 63B.2.2

Payment of Estimated Corporate Excise for Taxable Years Ending on or After December 31, 1989

830 CMR 64C  pdf format of 830 CMR 64C

Cigarette Excise

830 CMR 64F.6.1

Fuel and Special Fuel Acquired Outside MA, Payment of Tax

830 CMR 64G.1.1

Establishments Subject to the Room Occupancy Excise

830 CMR 64G.3A.1

Local Option Room Occupancy Excise

830 CMR 64H  pdf format of 830 CMR 64H

Sales And Use Tax

830 CMR 64J.4.1

General Application of the Aircraft (Jet) Fuel Tax

830 CMR 65C

Repealed November 7, 2014

830 CMR 94.323.1

Collection of Amounts Deemed to Constitute Abandoned Deposit Amounts

830 CMR 94E

Provisions Concerning Certain Tobacco Manufacturers

830 CMR 111M  pdf format of 830 CMR 111M

Individual Health Coverage

830 CMR 118  pdf format of 830 CMR 118

Aid to Families with Dependent Children

830 CMR 119A  pdf format of 830 CMR 119A

Child Support Enforcement

830 CMR 175.24D.1.1

Intercept of Insurance Payments to Satisfy Child Support Liens

830 CMR 176I.1.1

Taxation of Insurers of Preferred Provider Arrangements

830 CMR 270.1.1

Issuance of a Smoking Bar Permit