Cornell's Legal Information Institute . This area groups national laws by continent, and international law by topic.

EISIL: Electronic Information System for International Law . Lists thirteen international law subjects with hundreds of subcategories that provide links. Site covers international law affecting more than two countries. Does not include foreign law or bilateral treaties.

Internet Law Library: Treaties and International Law . This is a long alphabetical list of treaties and international agreements. Includes links to some obscure documents, like Belarus customs laws, and older documents, like Louisiana Purchase treaties, as well as current, popular materials.

Introductory Guide to Online International Human Rights Legal Research With an Emphasis on the United Nations links to PDF file , Helen Frazer, 2010. Includes research resources, treaties and their status, case law, and UN materials.

United Nations: International Law , Links to International Court of Justice, International trade law, law of the sea, and treaties. User name and password are required to access the treaty collection