American Law Sources Online (ALSO!) . "Providing a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to freely accessible on-line sources of law for the United States and Canada. This site contains additional links to sources of commentary and practice aids that are available without charge (or available at a reasonable charge from governmental and nonprofit providers)." Great interface for access to non-governmental sites and secondary sources.

Google Scholar . Includes cases from all fifty states with an easy interface. Cases iare full-text with citations and star pages. They also include a handy "How cited" tab that links you to other cases and articles that cite your case. Cases go back to at least 1950. The most recent few months are not included.

Public Library of Law , FastCase. Through an interface that looks eerily like Google, you can search state statutes, regulations, and court cases back to 1997. Be sure to click on "Advanced Options" to search for cases from a single state. Your Business Source for State Information . Links to state agencies with a simple, uniform interface.

State Resource Center, Lexis One . This page is an alphabetical list of states. Each link is similarly formatted to further link to the state home page, state legislature, state judiciary, court rules, libraries, local governments. The organization of each state's information uses exactly the same format.

Washlaw: Legal Research on the Web: State Resources , Washburn University School of Law. For each state, includes State Information, Agencies, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, Law Libraries, Law Schools, Legislative Branch, Local Government, Practitioner Resources in a thorough, well-organized format.