(a) Time for Filing; Content; Answer; Action by Court if Granted. A petition for rehearing should be filed with the clerk of the appellate court within fourteen days after the date of the rescript unless the time is shortened or enlarged by order. It shall state with particularity the points of law or fact which it is contended the court has overlooked or misapprehended and shall contain such argument in support of the petition as the petitioner desires to present. Oral argument in support of the petition will not be permitted, except by order of the quorum or panel which decided the appeal. No answer to a petition for rehearing will be received unless requested by the quorum or panel, but a petition for rehearing will ordinarily not be granted in the absence of such a request. A petition for rehearing shall be decided by the quorum or panel which decided the appeal. If a petition for rehearing is granted, the quorum or panel may make a final disposition of the cause without reargument or may restore it to the calendar for reargument or resubmission or may make such other orders as are deemed appropriate under the circumstances of the particular case. Action upon a petition is in the discretion of such quorum or panel, which may award costs, including a reasonable attorney's fee, to the prevailing party.

(b) Form of Petition; Length. The petition shall be in a form of a letter to the senior justice of the quorum or panel which decided the appeal with seven clear and legible copies, and additional copies shall be mailed by first class mail or delivered to all other counsel. Except by permission of the quorum or panel, a petition for rehearing shall not exceed ten pages of standard typewritten material.

(c) Revision of Decision. Upon consideration of a petition for rehearing, a quorum or panel may in writing order their decision to be reviewed and revised by a majority of the justices of the court. The petitioner shall notify the Supreme Judicial Court of any action taken on the petition if an application for further appellate review also has been filed.

Amended June 7, 1985, effective July 1, 1985; January 28, 1986, effective February 1, 1986; amended effective July 1, 1991.