(Applicable to the Natick Division)

All civil cases, including those remanded from the Superior Court Department, shall be scheduled for pretrial conference in compliance with Dist./Mun.Cts.R.Civ.P. 16.

The Court will make a record of the results of each conference as well as of any Orders made pursuant thereto and, at the conclusion of each conference, will set a trial date. Arrangements for a trial date cannot be made in any other manner. In accordance with Rule 16, the record and Orders will control the subsequent course of the case.

Counsel must appear at the pretrial conference with full authority in all respects. The Court may award costs against any party or attorney whose unjustified absence or lack of preparation prevented the conduct of a pretrial conference. See Beit v. Probate and Family Court Department, 385 Mass. 854, (1982) .

Adopted effective December 1, 1985.

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