No conveyance of real estate pursuant to General Laws, Chapter 208, sec. 34A or Chapter 209, secs. 30 , 32 and 32D shall be entered in any order or judgment of divorce or separate support unless a specific demand therefor has been made in the complaint of which the defendant has received actual notice; or unless an affidavit of notice stating that the defendant has been notified by certified mail, return receipt requested, and returned signed by the defendant, of the intention of the plaintiff to request the conveyance of specific real estate is filed in the Registry of Probate at least seven days prior to the hearing of said case.

No conveyance of real estate may be ordered in any judgment against a non-resident unless personal service of a complaint and affidavit, as above-described, has been made in accordance with General Laws Chapter 208, sec. 8 and Rule 4 of the Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure.

Amended February 2, 1981, effective March 2, 1981.

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