Chief Justice of the Trial Court Paula M. Carey solicits comments on proposed Trial Court Rule on Limited Assistance Representation.

In 2017, the Trial Court formed the Limited Assistance Rules Committee and charged the group with drafting a Uniform Trial Court Rule on Limited Assistance Representation that is intended to provide consistency across all Trial Court departments to make it easier both for lawyers who wish to provide Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) and litigants who wish to secure LAR services.      

The proposed Uniform Rule takes into consideration the Supreme Judicial Court Limited Assistance Representation Order as well as the Orders that exist in the Trial Court Departments and does not differ in any significant substantive or procedural ways from any of the existing orders. Some of the changes include removing the current limitation on an LAR attorney entering limited appearance “for the sole purpose of making evidentiary objections” and the addition of language extending the availability of LAR to a “non-criminal action” rather than “a civil action” 

A copy of the Proposed Rule .

Comment should be sent by email to or to Maura Kelly, Esq.,

Executive Office of the Trial Court, John Adams Courthouse, One Pemberton Square, Boston, MA 02108 by January 25, 2018.