(1) Except as provided by paragraph (4), by statute, or by other rule or order of this court, no judge of a court shall enter into, order, or approve a contract on behalf of the Commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions requiring the expenditure of funds or the incurring of a liability in excess of any appropriation therefor, or for which no appropriation has been made, without the written approval of the appropriate judicial officer designated by this court. The following officers are so designated: for the Appeals Court, its Chief Justice; for each department of the Trial Court, its Administrative Justice. Every judge seeking such approval shall file a written request for approval with the appropriate judicial officer and a copy with the Chief Administrative Justice of the Trial Court. Every request shall be in the form of a memorandum and shall set forth the following: (a) the nature and cost of the facilities, goods or services sought; (b) an explanation of the circumstances causing the judge to consider it reasonably necessary to the proper execution of the court's responsibilities; (c) a chronological account of administrative action previously taken to secure it; and (d) a statement of the action contemplated by the judge.

(2) The appropriate judicial officer may approve in writing a request made under paragraph (1) only upon a finding that the facilities, goods or services sought are reasonably necessary to the proper execution of the court's responsibilities, and subject to such instructions as he deems appropriate. If such request is approved by the judicial officer, he shall forthwith submit a copy of his approval to the Chief Administrative Justice.

(3) Any judge whose request under paragraph (1) is denied may appeal in writing to the Chief Administrative Justice, who shall make a final determination thereon.

(4) The only exception to paragraph (1) shall be in instances where failure to obtain the required facilities, goods or services expeditiously and without delay will frustrate the execution of the court's responsibilities. In every such instance, the judge entering into, ordering or approving a contract on behalf of the Commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions shall forthwith submit a memorandum of the type required by paragraph (1) to the appropriate judicial officer, with a copy to the Chief Administrative Justice.

(5) Upon receipt of a copy of a memorandum filed under paragraph (1) or (4) the Chief Administrative Justice shall forthwith notify the Chief Justice of this court.

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