Section 1. Confidentiality.

Except as provided in Section 2 of this rule, any written, recorded, or oral data, information and materials received or developed under a judicial performance enhancement program shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed. The identity of individuals who furnish information concerning judges under a program shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed.

Section 2. Disclosure.

(a) Information concerning an individual judge may be disclosed to that judge, to that judge's chief justice or administrative justice, to the Chief Administrative Justice, and to the judges supervising the judicial performance enhancement program, provided that it is presented in a manner that will not disclose the identity of any person furnishing any information.

(b) From time to time, the Supreme Judicial Court, or the supervisory committee may issue public statements or reports describing the judicial performance enhancement programs and the procedures used in such programs, and summarizing information compiled under such programs, provided that such statements and reports shall not identify, directly or indirectly, any individual judge or any person who furnished information concerning a judge or judges under a program.