Upon the filing or issuance of any petition or complaint pursuant to G.L. c.190B , G.L. c. 208 , G.L. c. 209 , G.L. c. 209A , G.L. c. 209C or G.L. c. 209D or any other provision of law concerning the support and maintenance of a minor child, the plaintiff in the action, should any minor child who is named in the petition or complaint be either a past or present recipient of public assistance through Aid to Families With Dependent Children, General Assistance, Medicaid, or Foster Care or any other program established pursuant to G.L. c. 117A , G.L. c. 118 , or G.L. c. 118E , shall notify the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue of the pendency of the petition or complaint within three (3) days of its filing. The moving party must thereafter serve notice on the Child Support Enforcement Division of each hearing or trial date with respect to any such petition or complaint.

Notice in compliance with this rule shall be served upon the Department of Revenue at the Office of the Child Support Enforcement Division for the county in which the petition or complaint is pending.

Said notice shall identify the division and department of the Trial Court in which the action has been filed, the title and docket number of the action, the name of the parents of any such child, the Social Security number of each parent and the name or names of any such child or children.

As added, effective February 1, 1993; amended effective December 27, 1995; amended June 24, 2009, effective July 1, 2009.