Download Rule XIV as PDF pdf format of Uniform Rules on Public Access to Court Records

Table of Contents

Rule 1. Scope and Definitions 

(a) Purpose 
(b) Scope 
(c) General Policy 
(d) Types of Access
(e) Definitions 

Rule 2. Access to Court Records in a Courthouse

(a) Scope 
(b) Request 
(c) Reasonable Limits 
(d) Production 
(e) Exhibits 
(f) Computer Kiosk 
(g) Impounded Records 
(h) Available Formats for Reproduction 

(1) Paper copy 
(2) Printout 
(3) Reproduction by court-provided machine 
(4) Audio or audiovisual recording 
(5) Electronic document 
(6) Additional formats 

(i) Fee 
(j) Requester’s Self-Service Duplication of a Court Record 

(1) Handheld device 
(2) Sheet-fed or flatbed scanner 


Rule 3. Requests for Compiled Data

(a) Procedure for Making Requests 
(b) Determination 
(c) Fees 
(d) Conditions 

Rule 4. Requests for Bulk Data 


Rule 5. Remote Access to Electronic Court Records

(a) Remote Accessibility to Information in Electronic Form Through the Public Internet Portal 

(1) Civil cases 

(i) Generally
(ii) Search 
(iii) Exemption of certain civil case types 

(2) Criminal cases 

(i) Generally
(ii) Search
(iii) Exemption of certain criminal case types 

(b) Remote Accessibility to Information in Electronic Form Through the Attorney Portal 
(c) Nonparty Information 
(d) Availability of Additional Records 
(e) No Creation of Rights 

Rule 6. Correction of Clerical Error in Electronic Docket Entry 


Addendum, Records Excluded from Public Access