A. The court shall determine the current permanency plan for the child. In determining the permanency plan, the health and safety of the child shall be of paramount, but not exclusive concern. Upon making this determination, the court may make any appropriate order in the child's best interests, including but not limited to, orders with respect to the child's care or custody. The court may also make orders it determines to be appropriate to implement the permanency plan in a timely manner. In addition, the court shall make the written certification and determinations required by G.L. c. 119, § 29C .

B. The clerk's office shall forthwith enter such order(s) on the court's docket and provide a copy of the order(s) to all parties or to counsel, if a party is represented by counsel.

C. The court need not enter written findings absent an appeal from its order.

As amended, effective September 5, 2000.

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