Executive Office of the Trial Court
One Pemberton Square
Boston, MA 02108

Phone: 617-742-8575

Paula M. Carey
Chief Justice of the Trial Court

Jonathan S. Williams
Court Administrator

Jennifer LaRocque MacBeth
Executive Assistant

Donna A. Hall
Executive Assistant

John Bello
(Acting) Associate Court Administrator

Kim J. Wright, Esq.
Senior Assistant Judicial Policy

Mary F. Rafferty
Senior Assistant Administration & Communications 

Georgia K. Critsley, Esq.
Senior Manager of Intergovernmental Relations

Sheila C. Casey, Esq.
Specialty Courts Administrator

Edward Callahan

Jessica H. Fix
Grants Manager

Catherine M. Coughlin
State Bail Administrator

Jennifer L. Bruni
Trial Court Communications Manager - Internal
For media inquiries, please contact the Public Information Office

Kevin P. Buckley
Senior Web Manager