Are you interested in the history of the Appeals Court, how it operates, and what kinds of cases are heard?  Perhaps you want to learn more about our current and former justices and how they are appointed. Here you will find an overview of the Appeals Court, its history and role in the Massachusetts Court System, profiles of its justices, information about the Clerk's Office, and how oral arguments are conducted.

About the Appeals Court

  • Appeals Court Case Statistics
    Appeals Court case statistics for the last five years. For earlier years, please contact the court administrator at 617-725-8098.
  • Appeals Court Clerk's Office
    The Appeals Court Clerk's Office is located in the John Adams Courthouse and maintains the court’s case docket, case files, and the oral arguments calendar and is a source of information about court practice and procedure. Here you will find the hours of operation, contact information, and directions to the Appeals Court.
  • Appeals Court Fee Schedule
    List of fees charged by the Appeals Court for filing civil and criminal appeals, single justice motions, photocopies and CDs of oral argument. Learn more
  • Appeals Court History
    Learn about the Appeals Court's relatively brief history, including how it expanded from the original six justices in 1972 to the current twenty-five, who now consider approximately 1500 cases a year.
  • Appeals Court Justices
  • Emergency or Weather-Related Cancellation of Court
  • General Information About the Appeals Court
    Find out what kinds of appeals are heard by the court and how cases are decided.
  • Guide to Oral Arguments in the Appeals Court
    A guide for attorneys, self represented parties, and court visitors that discusses how, where, and when the Appeals Court conducts its oral arguments.
  • Mission Statement

    The Massachusetts Appeals Court is committed to doing justice under the law by rendering thoughtful, well-reasoned appellate decisions in a timely and efficient manner, treating all those who come before the court fairly and impartially.