In the event that severe weather conditions or other emergency circumstances require consideration of closing the John Adams Courthouse, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court will determine whether a closing is required. Should the John Adams Courthouse close, the Appeals Court will not be open for business. 

In making the decision regarding closing, any announcements by the Governor relative to the declaration of a state of emergency will be taken into account.  Such a declaration does not automatically lead to court closing.  In the event that the Governor declares a state of emergency pursuant to the Civil Defense Act, the courts must close. 

Once a decision is made regarding closing the John Adams Courthouse, a general announcement will be provided on 617-557-1000. 

For additional information on the impact of weather or other emergency conditions on Appeals Court hearings, please call the Appeals Court Clerk's Office at 617-725-8106. 

Emergency Cancellation Alert (updated 1/31/2015)

Important Notice:  Appeals Court oral arguments scheduled for Monday, February 2, are cancelled due to bad weather conditions and will be rescheduled.