As part of the ongoing program to evaluate and enhance judicial performance, the Supreme Judicial Court is sending questionnaires via email to attorneys who practice before the District, Superior, Juvenile, Probate and Family, and Housing Courts in Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties. The Supreme Judicial Court's Judicial Performance Evaluation program is an important tool for enhancing judicial performance and the quality of the judicial branch. Crucial to this effort is the full participation of the bar.

The Court asks that any attorney who receives a questionnaire should take the time to complete it, as the more responses received, the more helpful the judicial evaluations will be. The Supreme Judicial Court's evaluation program is the best opportunity for attorneys to offer their opinions of the members of the judiciary. Attorneys who were scheduled to have appeared before judges in these counties in the past two years, according to court records, will receive questionnaires. Attorneys will receive an email requesting them to log into our website to complete the evaluation electronically. As required by statute, the electronic system keeps the evaluations confidential and anonymous.

The aggregate evaluation results will be transmitted to the judge, the Chief Justice of the judge's court department, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court and the Chief Justice of the Trial Court.

The evaluation period is from the beginning of May through June.

Please direct any inquiries concerning questionnaires and evaluations to Mona Hochberg, Supreme Judicial Court Judicial Performance Evaluation Coordinator, at (617) 557-1156, or via email at