Case Statistics & Metrics

The Trial Court receives close to a million filings a year. Summary statistics reflect the type and volume of cases handled across the state over recent years. The main four case management metrics now in use were developed by the National Center for State Courts. Read more


Policies, Reports, Record Retention

The Court System provides policies about publishing court case information, equal and fair employment, and other topics. The Court System also provides its Annual Reports for current and past fiscal years. Read more

The Trial Court Record Retention Schedule was originally published in March 1982 and updated in September 1991.While the former addressed only the retention of administrative records, the latter added retention requirements for case papers, testimony, and trial exhibits. Read more


Strategic Plan

The Trial Court issued a strategic plan in June 2013, One Mission: Justice with Dignity and Speed, which provides a blueprint for court priorities and initiatives through 2015. Read more


Budget Section

Court Budget Information

The delivery of justice must be a top priority of government: our courts each day address the most serious problems faced by the residents of this Commonwealth, are essential to the preservation of public safety, and provide the infrastructure for the rule of law indispensable to a successful economy.

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