Hon. Paula Carey, Chief Justice of the Trial Court
Harry Spence, Court Administrator
Paul Burke, Deputy Court Administrator, Housing Court
Craig Burlingame, Chief Information Officer
Hon. Terry Craven, First Justice, Suffolk County Juvenile Court
Mark Conlon, Director of Human Resources
Edward Dolan, Commissioner of Probation
Hon. Michael Edgerton, Chief Justice of the Juvenile Court
Hon. Judith Fabricant, Chief Justice, Superior Court
Hon. Dina Fein, First Justice, Western Division Housing Court
Chris Fox, Associate Court Administrator
John Gay, Clerk-Magistrate, Springfield District Court
Daniel Hogan, Clerk-Magistrate, BMC Central Division
Tara DeCristofaro Melo, Register, Middlesex County
Richard O'Neil, Probation Supervisor, Probate and Family Court
Mary Rafferty, Senior Assistant for Administration & Communications (staff)
Cynthia Robinson Markey, Legal Counsel, BMC
Michael Sullivan, Superior Court Clerk of Courts, Middlesex County
Hon. Maureen Walsh, First Justice, Holyoke District Court
Kim Wright, Senior Assistant for Judicial Policy
Jill Ziter, Deputy Court Administrator, Land Court