1.0 Introduction

1.1 Limited space at the Records Storage Centers rules out transferring any unsampled records that are eligible for sampling as described in Part II:SJC Rule 1:11 or Part III: Case-Related Papers, of the Trial Court Record Retention Schedule.
1.2 The Records Storage Centers store inactive court records until their transfer to the Judicial Archives or their destruction at the end of a specific retention period.
1.3 Before their transfer, records must be packed in standard storage cartons (10" x 12" x 15") and affixed with barcoded labels provided by the Administrative Office of the Trial Court. These labels contain the original filing information provided by the court on the Records Inventory Sheet (Attachment 3.1) and submitted to the Records Management Coordinator.
1.4 Call the Trial Court Records Management Coordinator at (617) 742-8383 (x344) if you have any questions regarding these Instructions or require technical assistance.

2.0 Procedure

2.1 Preparing Records for Transfer to the Records Storage Center
2.1.1 Sampling/Over-sampling

  • Refer to the section of the Record Retention Schedule that pertains to the record retention requirements specific to the court.
  • Remove the designated or random sample cases and stamp "SAMPLE" on the front of each file. NOTE: If a designated sample file number is missing, do not substitute another in its place.
  • Call the Records Management Coordinator at (617) 742-8383 (x344) to order storage cartons. Only standard-size (10" X 12" X 15") cartons may be used to transfer records.

2.1.2 Packing Cartons for Transfer

  • Pack samples in separate cartons and stamp "SAMPLED - SEE SELECTION CRITERIA IN CLERK'S OFFICE" on the front.
  • Pack other records except those that may have already reached their required retention periods (i.e., are obsolete). NOTE: No recent (less than ten years old) or obsolete records may be transferred. Obsolete records may be put in plastic trash bags or other containers for destruction. Do not use new storage cartons for records to be destroyed.
  • When packing records, the current file arrangement should be preserved. To prevent their collapse or crushing during shipment, cartons should be packed compactly. Covers must close flat without distorting the sides of the cartons and cap-type lids must overlap the top edges of the cartons.
  • Letter-size flat file folders must be placed upright and parallel to the 12" end of the carton. Legal size documents must be placed parallel to and the long side of the carton. The barcoded label must be placed on the 12" end of the carton as described above. With the carton's hinged cover at the back, pack tri-folded files three across from left to right (i.e., lowest file number in the left front corner and the highest number in the right rear corner). Files must not be piled in cartons.
  • Using a black marker, consecutively number each carton on the front shipment (e.g., 1 of 4, 2 of 4 or 1/4, 2/4, etc.) on the front.
  • Records Center shelving units are designed to store only standard-size cartons in a three-across arrangement. If uncertain about the dimensions of your cartons, call the Records Management Coordinator.

2.1.3 Completing the Records Inventory Sheet

  • Enter name of Court Department/Division transferring records.
  • Enter records series title(s) (e.g., Criminal Dockets, Civil Cases, etc.) contained in each carton. Pack only one record type in each carton.
  • Enter case numbers or volume numbers contained in each carton (e.g., Case Numbers 13400-14400)
  • Enter inclusive dates (e.g., 1984-1986) for the records in each carton.
  • Enter Yes and the sample size (e.g., 2%; 5%, etc.) if the carton contains files to be stored for a specific period. If the carton contains samples, leave the column blank or put a line through it.
  • Enter any additional comments (e.g., Destroy after 1/1/96; 2% Samples-Retain Permanently; Oversamples, etc.).
  • Mail or FAX completed Inventory Sheets to the Trial Court Records Management Coordinator, Administrative Office of the Trial Court, One Center Plaza, Planning and Development Department, One Center Plaza, Boston, MA 02108. FAX number (617) 227-9738. Barcoded labels will be sent for the cartons.

2.1.4 Preparing Cartons for Transfer

  • Attach the proper label to the carton below the handle opening on the 12" end of the carton.
  • After the cartons have been labeled, call the Records Management Coordinator for their pickup and delivery to the Records Storage Center.

3.0 Attachment

3.1 Records Inventory Sheet

Attachment 3.1

Records Inventory Sheet Middlefolk Superior Court Department

Record TitleCase/Vol. Nos.DatesBox No.Sampled?Comments
Criminal Samples20-104801960-1969S-1-Permanent
Criminal Samples10500-145501970-1975S-2-Permanent
Criminal Samples14600-197501976-1980S-3-Permanent
Criminal Samples19800-243501981-1986S-4-Permanent
Criminal24201-243491986CR-1Yes-2%Destroy after Files 1/1/2007
Criminal Files24351-244991987CR-2Yes-2%Destroy after Files 1/1/2008
Criminal Files24501-246491988CR-3Yes-2%Destroy after Files 1/1/2009
Criminal Files24651-247991989CR-4Yes-2%Destroy after Files 1/1/2010