1.0 Instructions

1.1 The Trial Court Records Storage Centers keep records until they are transferred to the Judicial Archives or destroyed after a specific retention period.
1.2 Records cartons stored at the Centers are assigned unique storage locations.
1.3 Original records requiring a certified copy shall be sent to the legal custodian of the record (e.g., Clerk-Magistrate, Recorder, Register) for copying.
1.4 Cases should be returned to the Records Management Coordinator within 30 days. If cases must be held over 30 days, please notify the Records Management Coordinator.

2.0 Procedure

2.1 Requests may be made by telephone, fax, or mail using a "Request for Record Retrieval" form (See Attachment 3.1).
Records Management Coordinator
Administrative Office of the Trial Court
One Center Plaza
Boston, MA 02108
617-742-8383 ( x344)
FAX 617-227-97382.2 

At a minimum, the requester shall provide the following information:

  • Court Department/Division that created original record.
  • Type of case, year of case, file number, carton number.

3.0 Attachment

3.1 Request for Record Retrieval pdf format of Request for Record Retrieval Form