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New Lowell Trial Court
360 Jackson Street, Lowell

The new Lowell Trial Court will be an energy efficient courthouse overlooking the historic Hamilton Canal. The cutting-edge facility will be constructed for the Superior, District, Probate & Family, Juvenile and Housing Courts of Middlesex County. A Court Service Center and office space for the District Attorney and Registry of Deeds will also be provided. The new building will replace a leased facility and two outdated state-owned courthouses.

A goal in the design of this courthouse is to minimize the use of energy drawn from utility grids. The courthouse will be extremely energy efficient, with an expected LEED-platinum rating, and will feature a chilled beam HVAC system, photo-voltaic panels, and sophisticated building systems controls.


Gross Square Footage: 265,000Total Project Cost: $200 millionDesigner: Finegold Alexander
Total Courtrooms: 17Est. Construction Cost: $146 millionContractor: Dimeo Construction
Total Holding Cells: 46Funding Source: C. 304 of 2008Estimated Completion: 4Q, 2019