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New Lowell Judicial Center
Hamilton Canal District, Lowell

The new Lowell Judicial Center will be an energy efficient "cube-shaped" courthouse overlooking the historic Hamilton Canal. The cutting-edge facility will be provided for the Superior, District, Probate & Family, Juvenile and Housing Courts of Middlesex County. The new building will replace a leased facility and two outdated state-owned courthouses.

A goal in the design of this courthouse is to minimize the use of energy drawn from utility grids. The courthouse will be twice as energy efficient as the current ASHRAE standard. There will be several renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic arrays, solar thermal panels, and a biomass fired boiler burning fuel from sustainably harvested sources.

Current Status ( 3-24-2014 ): The study for the new Lowell Judicial Center is nearly complete and should be certified before the end of the fiscal year. Additional efficiencies in the building's design are being examined. The design and construction phases are expected to total 47 months.

Gross Square Footage: 246,000Total Project Cost: $175 millionDesigner: Finegold Alexander
Total Courtrooms: 16Est. Construction Cost: $122 millionContractor: TBD
Total Holding Cells: 41Funding Source: C. 304 of 2008Estimated Completion: TBD