Second Floor Conference Suite (Room 2-100)

  • A limited number of stacking chairs, 18" x 60" folding tables, 30" x 43" pedestal tables are available
  • Equiped with large conference table (48" x  107")  
  • Access to catering "kitchen"
  • A/V equipment available (projector, VCR/DVD player with monitor, lectern with sound system)

   Capacity (1628 square feet or approx. 44' x 37')*:

  • 125 lecture style comfortably (maximum 150)
  • 65-70 class-room style
  • 200-250 stand-up reception  

Holmes Courtroom (Courtroom 2)

Usage available for educational programming including mock trials and moot court programs

     Capacity:   60-75

Great Hall (First Floor)

  • Generally only available if the event cannot be held in the Conference Suite due to capacity limits
  • Limited to events taking place after court hours
  • A limited number of stacking chairs and 1.5' x 5' folding tables can be made available
  • Sound system with lectern is available

     Capacity (1400 square feet or approx. 43' x 86')*:

  • 325 lecture style
  • 440 stand-up reception

*Generally, 6 square feet per person is needed for stand up or non-seating functions;12 square feet per person is required for a dinner w/ 60" round tables.

Note: Capacity is based on standards for occupant loads found in Architectural Graphic Standards, 10th edition, 2000, p.8. Variances depend on whether person is standing, seated in a chair or at a table and additional equipment and/or furniture also located in the space.