Uniform Schedule of Fees

The following fees, determined by the Chief Administrative Justice of the Trial Court pursuant to G.L. c. 262, § 4B, shall be charged in all Trial Court Departments. Amended effective November 1, 2016. Learn more

Boston Municipal Court Filing Fees

Court filing fee for Boston Municipal Court must be made by Cash, Check, Money Order, or Certified Bank Check. No Credit Cards are accepted. Learn more

District Court Filing Fees

The District Court has Fees and Filing Documentation on Money Assessments in Criminal Cases and Uniform Schedule of Fees. Learn more

Housing Court Filing Fees

The Housing Court has filing fees on Civil, Summary Process and Supplementary Process, Small Claims Filing, and Uniform Schedule. Learn more

Land Court Fees

The Land Court has information on its case filing fees, other charges, and the Trial Court Uniform Schedule of fees. Learn more

Probate and Family Court Fees

The Probate and Family Court has information on Uniform Fee Schedule and Summary of MUPC Forms and Fees for Allowance of Accounts filed. Learn more

Superior Court Filing Fees

The Superior Court Fees on Filing, Complaint, Third Party Complaint, Petition or Other Action, Motion to Intervene as Plaintiff, (if civil case extra for security fee) and Petition to County Commissioners. Learn more

Appeals Court Fee Schedule

List of fees charged by the Appeals Court for filing civil and criminal appeals, single justice motions, photocopies and CDs of oral argument. Learn more

SJC Court Fees

Supreme Judicial Court fees and Pro Hac Vice registration fee information. Learn more