Superior Court Filing Fees

Filing Fee (each plaintiff): Complaint, Third Party Complaint, Petition or Other Action, Motion to Intervene as Plaintiff (plus $20.00 security fee for each civil case (G.L.c. 262, § 4A) and a $15.00 surcharge (G.L.c. 262, § 4C))$240.00
Filing Petition to County Commissioners$30.00
Issuance of: Injunction or Restraining Order$90.00

Uniform Schedule of Fees

For certificate of orders, decrees, rulings, judgments or other proceedings$20.00
For an attested copy of court documents, records, including docket sheets, or other papers in possession and under the control of the clerk, register, or recorder, per page$2.50
For an unattested copy or print out of court documents, records, or other papers in possession and under the control of the clerk, register, or recorder, per page$0.05
For a blank summons, other than any summons in a small claims action or incident to a petition for victim compensation, or blank writ, except a writ of habeas corpus$5.00
For a blank subpoena for one or more witnesses$5.00
For a writ of habeas corpus$15.00
In the District, Probate and Family, and Boston Municipal Court Departments, for each order of notice, citation, or precept$15.00
For a transcript of judgment$50.00
For recording of notarial commission$15.00
For certification of a notarized document to be used in another state or a foreign country$5.00
For taking and recording a recognizance under G.L. c. 256$20.00
For approving or disapproving by the court of sureties on bonds or recognizances, but not for the approval of appeal or removal bonds filed in small claims or other civil actions$20.00
For compact disc and tape cassette recordings of proceedings in all Departments of the Trial Court$50.50 plus postage per 90 minutes of recording or part thereof
For commissions to take depositions$20.00
For waivers of notice of marriage in the Departments of the Trial Court where no statutory filing fee is applicable$50.00
For utility company warrants under G.L. c. 164, § 116$15.00
For affidavit of creditor under G.L. c. 224, § 6$25.00
For notice to creditor of debtor's desire for examination under G.L. c. 224, § 6$20.00
Electronic Access to audio recording of court case (hearing) per case, per day. Multi day hearings are $10.00 per day$10.00
PDF or other electronically formatted document$5.00 (plus $4 if CD is mailed)

Effective November 1, 2016