Office of Jury Commissioner
for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 234A, §5 , the Office of Jury Commissioner (OJC) is a department within the judicial branch under the supervision and control of the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC).

Pursuant to M.G.L. c.234A, §7 , the Jury Commissioner is the Executive Head of the OJC, and is appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court.

The Jury Commissioner serves under the guidance and supervision of the Jury Management Advisory Committee (JMAC)(M.G.L. c.234A, §6 , a standing committee of the SJC consisting of six justices selected by the Chief Justice of the SJC, which is charged with assisting in the supervision of the OJC.  The Court Administrator and the Office of Court Management also provide administrative management to the OJC (M.G.L. c.211B, §9A(viii) ).

  • The OJC is responsible for furnishing each of the Trial Jury and Grand Jury courts with a sufficient number of randomly selected, diverse and representative prospective jurors to conduct the business of the courts.
  • The OJC creates the Master Juror List for each judicial district, issues summonses, assists jurors with responding to their summonses, oversees the payment and certification of jurors, and pursues delinquency actions against those who do not complete their jury service.
  • With the approval of the Supreme Judicial Court, the Jury Commissioner establishes rules and regulations concerning policies, procedures and forms.
  • The OJC works to educate jurors and the public as to the importance and value of jury service and to foster a heightened appreciation of the judicial system.  The OJC strives for continuous improvement in the administration of jurors, reduction of costs, and maximum effectiveness in the utilization of jurors.

OJC Mission Statement:

The core mission of the Office of Jury Commissioner is to provide randomly-selected pools of eligible jurors, representative of the community from which they are drawn, to each of the jury courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in accordance with the needs of those courts and the direction of the Trial Court.  The OJC is committed to educating the public on the value and responsibility of serving as a juror, and to providing courteous, professional service to the public and the courts.

Office of Jury Commissioner for the Commonwealth
560 Harrison Avenue - Suite 600, Boston, Massachusetts 02118-2447
1-800-THE-JURY (1-800-843-5879)