The Office of the Commissioner of Probation (OCP) is a department of the Massachusetts Trial Court. The OCP includes the Massachusetts Probation Service and the Office of the Community Corrections (OCC). The Massachusetts Trial Court Community Service Program is part of OCC.

In Massachusetts, there are 105 separate Probation departments throughout the 14 counties, eight divisions of the Boston Municipal Court (BMC); 12 Superior; 62 District; 11 Juvenile; and 12 Probate & Family courts.

Superior Court Probation Officers supervise the most serious felony cases.

District and Boston Municipal (BMC) Court Probation Officers supervise criminal cases.

Juvenile Court Probation Officers supervise children, adolescents and young adults involved in delinquent, youthful and status-offending behavior, as well as, monitor the welfare of children who are before Juvenile Court as subjects of parental abuse and neglect.

Probate & Family Court Officers are involved in assisting the court in civil matters such as domestic issues, divorce, paternity, guardianship and adoption. Probate & Family Court Probation Officers are asked to perform tasks such as investigating custody issues, resolving disputes regarding visitation and enforcing court orders regarding child support as well as drug testing and supervision of job search activity.

The Office of Community Corrections is a division of the Commissioner of Probation. There are 18 Community Corrections Centers, including Juvenile and Women’s Resource Centers, serve as alternative to incarceration.

Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners

Commissioner Edward J. Dolan

First Deputy Commissioner currently vacant

Deputy Commissioner of Field Services Dianne Fasano

Deputy Commissioner of Legal Services Crispin Birnbaum

Deputy Commissioner of Programs, Michael Coelho

Regional Supervisors and Statewide Supervisors oversee and manage the operation of probation Departments in the following District Court Regions and Departments.

Regional Supervisors

District Court Region 1 - Pamerson Ifill

District Court Region 2 - Harriet Beasley

District Court Region 3 - Jeff Akers

District Court Region 4 - Brian Murphy

District Court Region 5 - Elizabeth Daigneault

District Court Region 6 - Francine Ryan

Boston Municipal Court Department - Renee Payne

Statewide Supervisors

Superior Court Department - Andy Peck

Juvenile Court Department - John Millett

Probate and Family Court Department - Rick O’Neil