Exam Results

Exam results are released approximately three months after the examination. The results from the February exam are generally released in late April. The results from the July exam are released in late October. 

The results of those who passed the bar examination are publicly posted at this office, at every Superior Court Clerk's office in the Commonwealth and can also be found on the Board of Bar Examiners website .

Admission to the Massachusetts Bar 

After the public posting and the Board of Bar Examiners recommends your admission, you must be officially admitted either at the formal admission ceremonies or through the alternate admission procedure within one year.

Formal admission ceremonies are hosted on several different dates. You will receive your appearance date and time with your results from the bar examination. 

Alternate admission procedure allows qualified applicants to be sworn into the Massachusetts bar at a different time and location than the official admission ceremonies. The requisite alternate admission materials are mailed after the formal admission ceremonies.

Click here to learn more about admission ceremonies and alternate admission procedure and to find out the dates that formal admission ceremonies will be held.

Bar Registration Number

After you have been admitted, this office will forward your name, address and date of admission to the Board of Bar Overseers. The Board of Bar Overseers will forward the requisite registration materials to you.

You must register within 90 days of your admission. While you await your Bar Registration number or your bar card, it is advised that you use "pending" in lieu of the number.