1. When will I receive my admission materials?

If you are an applicant from an examination, you will receive your admission materials six to eight weeks after the formal admission ceremonies.

2. Do I need to make an appointment to have the admission procedure completed?

If you are coming to the Supreme Judicial Court, you do not need an appointment. You can appear at the court Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you are going to a Superior Court outside of Suffolk County, you should contact that court for more information.  

3. How can I find out who is authorized to administer the Massachusetts Attorney's Oath in a different state?

You should contact that state's Bar Examiners office and inquire as to who is authorized to swear in the attorneys from that state. Whoever administers that state's Attorneys' Oath has the authority to administer the Massachusetts Attorneys' Oath. 

4. Who can administer the Massachusetts Attorneys' Oath in a foreign country?

Outside the United States, you must go to a United States Embassy and have an official of the Embassy administer the oath to you.

5. When can I begin to practice as an attorney?

You may begin to practice as a Massachusetts attorney once you have officially been admitted to the bar.

6. When am I officially a member of the Massachusetts bar?

Your official date of admission is the date you were administered the oath. However, the Supreme Judicial Court will not recognize that date until the completed admission materials have been returned to the Office of the Clerk for The County of Suffolk.

7. When will I obtain my Board of Bar Overseers number?

After you have been admitted, this office will forward your name, address and date of admission to the Board of Bar Overseers . The Board of Bar Overseers will forward the requisite registration materials to you.

You must register within 90 days of your admission. While you await your Bar Registration number or your bar card, it is advised that you use "pending" in lieu of the number.

Please contact the Attorney Services Department with any additional questions at 617-557-1050 or by email at sjcattorneyservices@sjc.state.ma.us.