Formal Admission Ceremony

For those applicants reported qualified for admission by the Board of Bar Examiners to the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), Maura S. Doyle, Clerk of the SJC for The County of Suffolk, conducts the official admission ceremonies at historic Faneuil Hall. The ceremonies are held twice annually, generally in November and June. For upcoming admission ceremonies, see announcements.

Upon receipt of the passing results from the examination, the applicants will receive their admission ceremony appearance date and time or they may choose the alternate admission procedure. The SJC schedules the appearance at the formal admission ceremony generally by the applicant's last name.  

The applicants are only allowed to invite a limited number of guests to the ceremony. The number of guests permitted will be included with the formal admission ceremony appearance notice. The SJC does not issue invitations, tickets or assigned seating for the guests.  

At Faneuil Hall, the applicants are given an assigned seat. It is general admission for the guests.  

The ceremony is an actual session of the court presided over by a Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court and conducted by Clerk Doyle. The ceremony is comprised of greetings from bar association officers, the administration of Oaths, remarks by the Justice, signing of the Roll of Attorneys and the presentation of the licenses.

The entire ceremony is approximately two to three hours. Photos and videos are allowed during the ceremony.

Formal Admission Ceremony FAQs 

Alternate Admission Procedure

The alternate admission procedure allows the qualified applicants to be sworn into the Massachusetts Bar at a different time and location than the official admission ceremonies.

The applicant is mailed the admission materials, consisting of the official Massachusetts Attorneys' Oath and the official Roll of Attorneys card. Upon receipt of the admission materials, it is the responsibility of the applicant to find the appropriate authority to administer the Massachusetts Attorney's Oath.

An applicant within Suffolk County must appear in this office, or if outside Suffolk County, he/she may appear at a Superior Court to have the Oath administered and to sign the Roll of Attorneys.

If the applicant is outside Massachusetts, it is encumbered upon him/her to find out who is authorized to administer an Attorneys' Oath within that jurisdiction.

Once the Massachusetts Attorney's Oath is administered and signed, the Roll of Attorneys is signed and the materials returned to this office, the applicant is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.

Alternate Admission Procedure FAQs