The Supreme Judicial Court and the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) allows examinees to use their own laptop computers for the essay portion of the exam.  

While every effort is made to minimize the risks of participation in the Laptop Computer Testing Program, before deciding to register it is important to note that the BBE does not own or maintain the software used for the laptop computer testing program and cannot guarantee the performance of the software furnished by ExamSoft, Inc.  In the event that technical difficulties occur during the bar examination, you will be required to handwrite your essay answers in the answer books provided and no additional testing time will be provided.  Technical difficulties may include hardware or software malfunctions, data saving or retrieval problems, operator errors or the loss of electrical power at the examination facility.  

Communications between Laptop Computer Testing Program Registrants and ExamSoft

  • All communications between examinees selecting to participate in the Laptop Computer Testing Program and ExamSoft will be by email.
  • You will be contacted at the email address you provide on your bar application. It is your responsibility to maintain the email address provided until the conclusion of the bar examination process. Should unforeseen circumstances require that you change your email address during this time, you are required to provide a new and valid email address to the Court immediately.
  • ExamSoft will use any identifying information regarding program registrants for the sole purpose of establishing an account for each applicant to register and download software.

System Requirements 

Examinees must provide their own laptop computer which meets or exceeds system requirements as determined by ExamSoft.  Please review these Laptop Computer Testing Program Systems Requirements before registering for this program. 


If you elect to participate in this Program you will be required to pay two (2) fees: 1) a non-refundable technology fee of $75.00 payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as mandated by G.L. c. 221, §37; and 2) a non-refundable software license and service fee of $100.00 payable  directly to ExamSoft.  

Please note that these fees are in addition to the $815.00 court filing fee for your bar application case.

Registration and Startup

To be eligible, petitioners must  include with the Petition to the Court:

  1. the signed Statement of Compliance pdf format of Bar Exam Laptop Computer Testing Program Form
and  Registration form.
  2. bank check or money order for $75.00 payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (personal checks are not accepted).  

Examinees will be contacted directly by ExamSoft by email after the Petition filing deadline and will be provided with instructions for registering with ExamSoft.

Please note that you will be billed directly by ExamSoft for the $100.00 software license and service fee.  Do not send this fee to the Court.

You will work with ExamSoft to register for the laptop computer program; download and install the security software; and certify your laptop computer for the bar examination.  It is th responsibility of the examinee to register with ExamSoft, pay the appropriate fee and follow all ExamSoft instructions.

Should you have any questions regarding the download and use of the  software, please consult ExamSoft’s website or call ExamSoft support at (866) 429-8889.