Guidelines: Letters of Recommendation

1) Applicants for admission to the bar must file two letters of recommendation with their application and not under separate cover
2) Recommendation letters should be written by someone who knows you well
3) Family members or relatives may not write letters of recommendation
4) The attorney who signs your Petition may also write one of your letters of recommendation
5) The application will not be accepted without both letters of recommendation

Author's Criteria: It is the obligation of each author to:

  • Provide his or her complete mailing address and contact information
  • Date the recommendation letter within six months
  • Sign the recommendation letter
  • Adequately represent pertinent information about the applicant
  • Assume it to be his or her duty to state the extent of their knowledge of the applicant
  • State specific facts, favorable or unfavorable, about the applicant, as they should be made known to the Board of Bar Examiners who are to decide on his or her fitness to be a member of the profession

The Letters of Recommendation must:

  • Be attached with your Bar Application. Letters of recommendation will not be accepted under separate cover
  • Be written and addressed to the Board of Bar Examiners, Edward W. Brooke Courthouse, 24 New Chardon Street, First Floor, Boston, MA 02114
  • Be dated (within six months) and signed by the author
  • Include the letter writer's complete address and contact information
  • Be typed on untextured (plain white letterhead is preferred) using 12-point font (no less)
  • Not be identical in content, nor should they be written in memo form

Letters of Recommendation Guidelines pdf format of Letters of Recommendation Guidelines