There are many actions conferring jurisdiction on the single justice that are filed in the county court. As noted below, these statutes confer exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction. Those matters having concurrent jurisdiction are customarily transferred to the lower court pursuant to G. L. c. 211, §4A.


Statutes conferring exclusive jurisdiction on the single justice included the following:

  • G. L. c. 167, §36A - equity jurisdiction over the appointment of a conservator by the commissioner of banks.
  • G. L. c. 175, §6, 180B, 180C- application of insurance commissioner for injunction against and receivership of domestic stock insurance company.
  • G.L. c. 176G, §20 - application of insurance commission for injunction against and receivership of health maintenance organizations by operation G.L. c., § 6 et seq.
  • G. L. c. 204, §12 - sale or transfer of real or personal property held for churches, cemeteries or other like trusts.


Statutes conferring concurrent jurisdiction are as follows:

  • G. L. c. 54, §103 - equity jurisdiction to require certification of any application for absentee ballot the registrars unreasonably refused to certify; order counting of any rejected ballot; enjoin counting of a ballot of a person not lawfully entitled to vote.
  • G. L. c. 55, §30 - authority to compel filing of report or conforming report by a candidate for elective office.
  • G. L. c. 56, §59 - civil actions challenging the division of the Commonwealth into congressional, councillor, senatorial and representative districts.
  • G. L. c. 64F, §14 - actions to restrain collection of levies exempted by federal law.
  • G. L. c. 111, §5G - enforcement of orders regarding water treatment facilities.
  • G. L. c. 111, §25G - enforcement of provisions regarding health care facilities.
  • G. L. c. 130, §25 - enforcement of certain prohibitions on the discharge of oil or other poisonous substances.
  • G. L. c. 148, §17 - restraint of the use and occupancy of buildings storing explosive and inflammable materials.
  • G. L. c. 155, §5 - misleading use of name or title for public service corporations.
  • G. L. c. 157, §9 - penalty for use of word "co-operative" in connection with other businesses.
  • G. L. c. 166, §25 - violations of regulations concerning lines for television, telephone and electricity transmission.
  • G. L. c. 184, §14 - appointment of trustee for sale of timber standing on land used by one other than owner.
  • G. L. c. 185, §1 - certain matters involving title to real property.
  • G. L. c. 211, §46B - restraint of the unauthorized practice of law.
  • G. L. c. 220, §15 - authority to naturalize aliens resident in the Commonwealth.
  • G. L. c. 233, §20C - immunization of witness.
  • G. L. c. 233, §59 - issuance of commission to take the deposition of a witness for use against all persons.
  • G. L. c. 249, §6 - action in the nature of quo warranto.
  • G. L. c. 253, §50 - enforcement of certain laws regarding mills, dams and reservoirs.