In the event that severe weather conditions or other emergency circumstances require consideration of closing the Supreme Judicial Court, the Executive Director, in consultation with the Chief Justice will determine whether a closing is indicated.

In making the decision regarding closing, any announcements by the Governor relative to the declaration of a state of emergency will be taken into account.  Such a declaration does not automatically lead to court closing.  In the event that the Governor declares a state of emergency pursuant to the Civil Defense Act, the courts must close.

Once a decision is made regarding closing the Supreme Judicial Court, a general announcement will be provided on 617-557-1000.  Any parties who need to leave an urgent message will be directed to either the Clerk for the Commonwealth for Full Court matters at 617-557-1020, or the Clerk for Suffolk County for Single Justice matters at 617-557-1180.   On days when a Full Court or Single Justice session is planned, the Clerk for the Commonwealth or Clerk for Suffolk County will leave a message on their respective general numbers, whenever necessary, indicating whether the session will be held

Contact Information

  • Supreme Judicial Court (for SJC inquiries only) a general announcement will be provided on 617-557-1000
  • Appeals Court Emergency Cancellation Line 617-725-8114, for information on the impact of weather or other emergency conditions on Appeals Court hearings
  • For all other Courthouses, Departments and Divisions, the Executive Office of the Trial Court will provide notice of closures on 617-742-8383
  • Jurors should call the courthouse to which they are to report for information.  Contact information is available on the Office of the Jury Commissioner's website