Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners

The Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) is established by G.L. c. 221 §§35 & 36 to evaluate the qualifications of persons seeking admission to the bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The BBE evaluates each bar applicant to determine whether s/he has the qualifications and acquirements required for admission, and whether s/he “…embod[ies] that degree of honesty, integrity, and discretion that the public and members of the bench and bar have the right to demand of a lawyer.” Board of Bar Examiners Rule V. pdf format of Rules of the Board of Bar Examiners

The BBE meets its responsibility to ensure that persons admitted to the bar are fully qualified by education, knowledge, and character and fitness through the administration of the semi-annual Massachusetts bar examination; the evaluation and investigation of credentials of attorneys from other jurisdictions seeking admission by motion; the evaluation of the educational background of applicant attorneys educated in foreign jurisdictions; and the investigation of the character and fitness for admission of all applicants.

The Board

The members of the Board of Bar Examiners are appointed by the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court under the authority of  G.L., c. 221, §35, for terms of five years. The expenses of the Board are paid by the Commonwealth. 

Current Bar Examiners

Mela Lew, Chair
Marie P. Buckley
Robert L. Harris
Carol A. Kelly 
Debra Squires-Lee

Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners

Edward W. Brooke Courthouse 
24 New Chardon Street, 1st flr.
Boston, MA 02108

Phone: 617-482-4466
Fax: 617-542-5943


Administrative Office Personnel

Marilyn Wellington 
Executive Director

Katherine Ahern 
Manager of Testing and Operations

 Kathleen Clemens
Testing and Operations Coordinator

Laura Colby
Business Manager

Rosa Invencio
Executive Assistant

Wadner Oge
Staff Attorney

Gwendolyn Pruitt
Office Manager

Keisha Slaughter
Character and Fitness Coordinator