Applicants to take the Massachusetts Bar Exam should click on the following link to obtain the instructions and application forms:

Admission to the Massachusetts Bar

That page contains documents available for download in PDF format. To view and print those files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

That page also includes a version of the application that you can complete on line. You will then need to print it, sign it, and submit it to the Clerk's office.

Taking the Exam in Springfield

Applicants who wish to request to take the Bar Exam in Springfield should download the file below and send it directly to the BBE.  To qualify for sitting in Springfield, applicants must sit for twonb (2) days in Springfield.  It is important to apply for Springfield as soon as possible since space is extremely limited.

Springfield Seating Request Form  pdf format of Springfield Seating Request Form
file size 1MB

Law School Certificate

Here is a link to the Law School Certificate form. This form is also included in the PDF version of the First Time Application materials.

Law School Certificate  pdf format of Law School Certificate