NTA Application

If you have a disability that will require nonstandard testing accommodations on the bar examination, you must complete and file the application for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations (NTA).  This application consists of the following forms:  

FORM A Authorization and Release
FORM B Application for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations
FORM C Statement of Law School Official
FORM D Professional Declaration

Download A Nonstandard Testing Accommodations Application

The Guidelines & Instructions and the Application for Nonstandard Testing Accommodations can be downloaded together in PDF format.  (To view and print these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Guidelines & Instructions for Filing and Nonstandard Testing Accommodations Application  pdf format of Nonstandard Testing Accommodations Application


Please read the NTA Guidelines & Instructions for Applicants and Testing Professionals prior to completing an NTA application.

File in Duplicate

The completed NTA application must be filed in duplicate with the Board of Bar Examiners on or before the filing date specified below before a decision on the petition can be made. All forms must be legible, complete and signed.

Completed NTA Application Forms Must Be Submitted To:

The Board of Bar Examiners
Edward W. Brooke Courthouse - 1st flr.
24 New Chardon St.  
Boston, MA 02114  

DO NOT file the application for nonstandard testing accommodations with your bar exam application.

Filing Deadline: On or before May 8, 2015. You are encouraged to file your completed application and required documentation as early as possible. Doing so will facilitate an expedient decision regarding accommodations that may be granted.

Repeat Applicants

Applicants who have previously (within the last 3 years) been granted nonstandard testing accommodations by the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners and are requesting the same accommodations, must write a letter to the Board of Bar Examiners requesting that they be granted the same accommodations. The letter shall be submitted in lieu of the application and is due by the filing deadline. However, if you are requesting additional accommodations, you must submit a new NTA application and documentation in support of that.