Also in the Great Hall is a bronze statue of the noted Massachusetts attorney and statesman Rufus Choate (1799-1859). Choate was regarded as Boston's finest trial attorney of his time and served in the United States House of Representatives (1830-1834) and the United States Senate (1841-1845). He was also a great defender of the institution of an independent judiciary as envisioned by John Adams and spoke eloquently in its defense at the state constitutional convention of 1853. 

Sculptor Daniel Chester French

The statue was sculpted by Daniel Chester French (1850-1931) for the original opening of the courthouse. French is perhaps best known for the statue of Abraham Lincoln sited in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Another of his well-known works is the Minute Man statue at Concord's North Bridge in Minute Man National Historical Park. Prior to the statue's recent cleaning, only Choate's left toe gleamed--a condition attributable to the routine practice of attorneys rubbing the litigator's foot for good luck.