The Trial Court has created an email announcement ListServ for the purpose of providing an additional way to notify individuals of a Trial Court closure. A ListServ is a program which sends email messages to email addresses which have been subscribed to it. If you are interested in receiving email notifications from this ListServ, please follow the instructions below on how to subscribe. Once the Trial Court makes a determination that courts will be closed due to weather or some other emergency, details of the closure will be sent to all email addresses that have been subscribed to the "Closures" list.

Please follow the following steps to subscribe to the Closures list:

1) Send an email to from the account for which you are registering. Below is a sample email sent to Please note that the subject and body of the email are blank. 

Closures Instructions Image


2) You will receive a confirmation email. This is designed to prevent SPAM emailers from subscribing to the list.

Below is a sample of the confirmation email you will receive:

The confirmation email includes instructions to confirm your subscription. 

Closures Instructions - 2


below is an example of the confirmation email: 

Closures Instructions - 3


You should reply to the confirmation email and this will confirm your inclusion on the list. This is the recommended process for confirming your inclusion on the list.

3) Soon after sending the confirmation email, you will receive a "welcome" email.

A sample of this email in your inbox is shown here: 

Closures Instructions - 4


and, when you open the email, it is shown below: 

Closures Instructions - 5  

Please note a couple important pieces of information in the Welcome email.

A) All announcements sent from this notification system will begin with [Court Closures] in the subject.

B) If you want to Unsubscribe from the list, just send an email to (you will receive an email, similar to the confirmation email, which will ask you to respond by email to confirm that you would like to be removed from the list).