District Court
Administrative Office
Edward W. Brooke Courthouse
First Floor
24 New Chardon Street
Boston, MA 02114-4703

Main          617-788-8810
Fax            617-788-8985
TTY            617-788-8809
Administrative Office Personnel
TitleNamePhone Number
Chief JusticeHon. Paul C. Dawley617-788-8810
Deputy Court AdministratorEllen S. Shapiro617-788-8810
Assistant Deputy Court AdministratorPhilip J. McCue617-788-8810
Assistant Deputy Court AdministratorDeborah L. Propp617-788-8810
Assistant Deputy Court Administrator/General CounselJoseph M. Ditkoff617-788-8810
Assistant Deputy Court Administrator/Deputy General CounselSarah W. Ellis617-788-8810
Confidential Assistant to the Chief JusticeSarah M. Adamson617-788-8810
Office ManagerJanice L. Bowers617-788-8810
Performance AnalystSheila Dornevil617-788-8810
Performance AnalystErin O'Connell617-788-8810
Performance AnalystCarlos Mejia617-788-8810
Performance AnalystJudy McCarthy617-788-8810
Administrative CoordinatorCatherine E. DuBois617-788-8810
Administrative CoordinatorBrenda M. Tanous617-788-8810
Region 1
TitleNamePhone Number
Regional Administrative JudgeHon. Kathryn E. Hand508-298-8300 ext. 390
Regional CoordinatorVirginia J. Cooper508-897-2897
Judicial SecretaryFaith Shannon508-295-8300 ext. 390
Region 2
TitleNamePhone Number
Regional Administrative JudgeHon. Kevan J. Cunningham508-977-6159
Regional CoordinatorVirginia J. Cooper508-897-2894
Head Administrative AssistantCheri N. Lynch508-977-6159
Region 3
TitleNamePhone Number
Regional Administrative JudgeHon. Robert A. Brennan978-825-3029
Judicial SecretaryLinda Potenza978-532-3100 ext. 365
Region 4
TitleNamePhone Number
Regional Administrative JudgeHon. Stacey J. Fortes978-442-3330
Judicial SecretaryMelissa A. Morales978-442-3330

Region 5

TitleNamePhone Number
Regional Administrative JudgeHon. Andrew L. Mandell978-345-2111 ext. 226
Head Administrative AssistantShelia A. Larkin978-345-2111 ext. 226

Region 6

TitleNamePhone Number
Regional Administrative JudgeHon. Maureen E. Walsh413-493-0206
Acting Regional CoordinatorFrederick R. Baran413-493-0206
Judicial SecretaryChristine Cosby413-493-0206

Appellate Division of the District Court

TitleNamePhone Number
ClerkBrien M. Cooper617-788-8810

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