Photo of Essex County Probate & Family Court

The Executive Office of the Trial Court was established to facilitate communication and enable joint leadership of the Trial Court by the Chief Justice of the Trial Court and the Court Administrator.  The office includes staff to support judicial policy, judicial education, general counsel, research and planning, intergovernmental relations, specialty court administration, grants management, general administration and communications.  The Office of Court Management reports to the Court Administrator and supports Trial Court operations for the seven Trial Court departments, Probation, and the Jury Commissioner, in the areas of capital projects, facilities management, fiscal operations, human resources, security, support services, information services.

Executive Office Departments

Judicial Institute
This office provides educational services, skills training, and professional development for Trial Court personnel.

Legal Department
This office oversees Trial Court legal matters, including contracts, leases, and tort claim assessments.

Trial Court Departments

Boston Municipal Court
This court has jurisdiction over matters within the city of Boston, including various civil and criminal proceedings.

District Court
This court hears a wide range of criminal, civil, housing, juvenile, mental health, and other types of cases.

Housing Court
This court has jurisdiction over the use of any real property and activities subject to municipal regulation.

Juvenile Court
This court has general jurisdiction over delinquency, guardianship matters, and youthful offender cases.

Land Court
This court has jurisdiction over foreclosure, real estate tax lien redemption, and registration of title to real property.

Probate and Family Court
This court has jurisdiction over a wide range of family matters, probate proceedings, and general equity.

Superior Court
This court hears all felony matters, major civil actions, labor dispute injunctions, and medical malpractice tribunals.

Office of Court Management

Court Capital Projects
This office represents the user agency in all projects involving construction or major renovation of courthouses.

Facilities Management Department
This office is charged with the maintenance and ongoing upkeep of 63 state-owned courthouses.

Fiscal Department
This office processes all budget requests and financial transactions from funds appropriated by the Legislature.

Human Resources Department
This office administers collective bargaining, benefits, contracts, employee training, and job postings.

Information Services
This office is responsible for selection, deployment, implementation and support of computers and networks.

Research and Planning
This office supports research in the Trial Court.

Security Department
This office is responsible for the security of all courthouses, as well as for the people who work in or visit them.

Support Services
This office supports court services, including interpreters, transcription, record management, and law libraries.