Deposit Payment

After receiving your order form from Transcription Services and the audio recording from the court, the transcriber will contact you with an estimated cost of the transcript and an expected completion date.

A deposit payment to the transcriber will be required to begin production.

When s/he receives your deposit, s/he will begin production.

Transcription Services does not accept payments.

Delivery and Page Rates

After the transcriber has received  the audio recording from the court, you can expect a rush transcript within 1-7** calendar days, or a regular transcript within 14-90 days.

**If the recording is lengthy, rush delivery could take up to 7 days, or in some cases, more than 7 days.

Rush transcripts are $4.50 per page and regular transcripts are $3.00 per page.

Estimated costs are based on producing approximately 50 pages of transcript for 1 hour of recording.

If the length of your proceeding is 1 hour, multiply that by the respective page rate: $4.50 for rush and $3.00 for regular.

A copy transcript can only be ordered if an original transcript has been previously prepared.


To cancel a transcript, you must notify the transcriber in writing and compensate her/him for the transcript pages produced up until notification.

Final Payment

Before the transcriber completes your transcript, s/he will contact you for the final payment, which will be required before the official transcript is completed and released to you.