The Facilities Management Department within the Office of Court Management is charged with the maintenance and ongoing upkeep of 63 state-owned courthouses located in Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex, Bristol, Worcester, Plymouth, Barnstable, Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire and Berkshire counties. The organizational structure of the department is designed to provide effective property management to ensure the delivery of quality services necessary for the efficient and reliable operation of those facilities. Facilities Management provides each facility with on-site building maintenance and supervisory staff necessary to meet day to day needs. The central office, located in the Suffolk County Courthouse in Boston, is managed by the Director of Facilities Management, supported by an administrative staff. Facilities Management consists of 400+ employees, working from within courthouses across the state to provide administrative services, operations, custodial and technical support for specialized repairs, maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds, building systems and equipment.

Facilities Management is committed to maintaining a safe and dignified environment for court operations, and doing so in a manner which adopts best practices and inspires public confidence.