The Judicial Information Services Department (JISD) is charged with the implementation, maintenance, update and training of technology systems in support of the Office of Court Management - all Trial Court Departments, the Office of the Commissioner of Probation, Office of Jury Commissioner and the Supreme Judicial Court, Appeals Court and Board of Bar Examiners.  Our major areas of responsibility are:  

  • Infrastructure - servers, network, storage, internet connectivity which includes Proxy, Email, Anti-Virus and Desktop Backup
  • Support Services – computer hardware and software, desktops and peripherals, printers, accounts (email, intranet, MassCourts, etc.), and database administration
  • Telecommunications – telephones, voice mail,  and expanding videoconferencing
  • Fiscal Support – financial transactions, IT equipment information and procurement
  • MassCourts – case management for the seven court departments, production, deployment, training and maintenance to handle case initiation, disposition, and post adjudication requirements including Probation.
  • CARI – system management for Probation
  • WMS – Warrant Management System

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer
Craig D. Burlingame

Administrative Assistant
Marjorie Dillon
(617) 878-0732 –

Deputy Chief Information Officer - Infrastructure

The TCIS Infrastructure staff is responsible for the operation of Network Services and Server Administration.  This Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a state-wide network of over 120 sites as well as all application and file servers including Email, backups, SPAM filtering, anti-virus protection, internet access, firewalls, etc.  The Infrastructure Team provides support and planning assistance for new court construction and relocations.

Deputy Chief Information Officer – Support Services

The Trial Court Support Services Team is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of services, hardware, and software used by staff throughout the Trial Court.  This Team includes User Support (Help Desk) which provides information and assistance on IT issues ranging from malfunctioning computer equipment and peripherals to arranging system access and resetting passwords.  Field Technicians provide on-site assistance to repair, replace and/or install equipment.  The Data Base Administration team is responsible for the design, implementation, support and operation of various application databases.

Telecommunications Management

Telecommunications is responsible for the evaluation, installation, operation, and maintenance of all Trial Court telecommunication systems (both land line and wireless) in courthouses throughout the Commonwealth.  This Team also provides support and planning assistance for new court construction and relocations.  Most recently, this Team has been charged with engineering and installing an enterprise-wide videoconferencing solution for more efficient communication, reducing the need for in-person presence.  

Fiscal Support

Fiscal Support works closely with the CIO and TCIS management to oversee all fiscal activities of TCIS.  Fiscal activities include areas such as budget preparation, IT resource purchases, encumbrance of funds, assurance of cost effectiveness in purchasing, and the administration of service contracts.  


MassCourts is a case management application that is and will continue to handle case initiation, disposition, and post adjudication requirements.  The use of a common case management system for all Trial Court departments allows the development of common business processes and electronic practices for case types where there is overlap in jurisdiction. Public access and electronic filing processes will be common to all.  The MassCourts Program is set up and executed by four Teams:

  Development manages the process of defining the MassCourts functionality and identifying policy
  issues.  The Team has worked closely with court department representatives to develop trans-
  departmental expertise.

  Implementation plans, organizes, and executes tasks associate with the rollout of MassCourts to each
  Court Division.  This Team prepares the infrastructure, sets up code tables, and provides support to the
  courts during implementation.   The Team is also responsible for deployment and support of all
  MassCourts imaging and scanning functionalities.

  Data Management Team plans for and executes the conversion of existing data into the MassCourts
  system and develops electronic mechanisms for exchanging data with persons and organizations
  outside the Trial Court.

  Operational Support is responsible for all forms and for coordinating all post implementation support.
  They record, track, and resolve MassCourts issues.  This Team also monitors the operation of the
  MassCourts system and coordinated with other TCIS Teams and vendors to troubleshoot infrastructure
  issues and implement upgrades.  This Team is composed of the Database Administration unit
  responsible for the design, implementation, support and operation of various application databases;
  the Adobe Development unit responsible for developing forms generated by MassCourts as well as
  providing assistance to the court department sin developing interactive .pdf’s; and the Crystal Report
  unit responsible for the development of Crystal Reports for the MassCourts system.